Sewer Video of Clay Tile in 1929 Ann Arbor Old West Side Home- Root-bound

1.     I witnessed Dan Tanner and TJ (From Tanner Excavating) video the sewer line. 

2.     The sewer has root clogs at 24/25 feet, 29/30 feet and 42/43 feet.  The sewer would have backed up if I had filled all the fixtures and them emptied them all at once.  The sewer will backup if nothing is done.

3.     Note that there is no audio on the DVD.

4.     Patrick Tanner recommended; a. cleaning the sewer line with multiple passes with 2”, 3” and 4” cutting tools, b.  Checking progress with the camera, c.  Cutting further as needed, d.  Camera again as needed.

5.     Patrick Tanner estimated the cost for this service at $ 500.00 to $ 550.00.

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