Ann Arbor, MI, November 2, 2015
Released just in time for Halloween, 10 Signs of a Scary Real Estate Listing, a recent post by Ilyce Glink, borrowed wisdom and tips from Home Buyer’s Agent of Ann Arbor broker Jon Boyd. Noting 10 prime misleading phrases often used in home advertisements, the post was verily an expose on the real meaning behind trending word choices in descriptions for residences for sale.

From “All work has been done for you” subtly referring to a house flipped with low-quality supplies to the effects of “As is” listings , the post explored the subtext of these frequent phrases used by real estate agents to artfully describe their listings. Boyd, a veteran of the pursuit of truthful disclosure in home marketing, was happy to lend his experience to this post, and Glink used several of his anecdotes to illustrate the often-misleading terminology. “We think Ilyce Glink is great”, Boyd stated. “She has been a fantastic consumer author for years and I even have one of her real estate books in our meeting room bookshelf. When her team asked me for some input for this post I did every thing I could to help them out.”

Jon Boyd went on to say that “The language of listings is often confusing to home buyers, sometimes intentionally…Buyers need to understand that the purpose of the listing agent’s remarks is to get you in the home and buy the house, not to inform you and certainly not to disclose things that would direct you away from a house that you could possibly buy. It is not an exact science, but buyers should remember it is an advertisement for the home. It is not objective.”

More about Ilyce Glink can be found at her website at http://thinkglink.com

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